SV "pink papers"

The SV certificate of pure breeding (Rasse-Echtheitszertifikat)

By Martin Wahl


Rasse1.jpg (19836 bytes)This is the front page of a four page document the actual size is 8 by 11 inches

"Pink" papers are an indication that both parents of the dog have been breed surveyed. (for more detail, see "The SV Breeder Guidance System")

The SV is recognized as the originator of the breed and sole guardian of the breed-standard for the German Shepherd Dog by the VDH

 (German Dog Society), the FCI (International Dog Federation), and the WUSV (World Union of SV’s).

Unlike the KC "Registration Certificate" which contains only the most essential information necessary to call it a certificate, the SV certificate is packed with useful information.

für den Deutschen Schäferhund - for the German Shepherd Dog (name),
Geschlecht: sex,
Haarart: coat,
Farbe und Abzeichen: color and markings,
Besondere Kennzeichen: special marks,
Tätowier-Nr. tattoo number,
Wurftag: date whelped, (DOB)
Wurfjahr: year of birth,
Züchter: breeder,
Anschrift: address,

Inzucht auf - line breeding, listing names and generation of occurrences, the sire’s and dam’s sides are separated by a dash, multiples are separated by a comma, as in (4,5,5 - 3,5)
Geschwister - litter mate’s names and color (abbreviated, for translation see SV pedigree.)
Erläuterungen über Wurfstärke: number of puppies in litter, shown as #,# (number of males , number of females), and if applicable,
- the number of pups raised by a foster bitch, if applicable,
- the number of pups that died or where culled,
Bemerkungen: space for notes, such as a broken tooth, injuries, etc.
Für die Richtigkeit...
breeder’s signature certifies the above to be correct.

At the bottom is the actual certificate of pure breeding with the SV registration number (SZ Nr.), date and signature.